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2500 High Roof 159" WB 2WD Access Cab I4 AT 2WD Access Cab V6 AT PreRunner 2WD Crew Cab 128.3" LT 2WD Crew Cab 143.5" LT w/1LT 2WD Crew Cab 143.5" SLE 2WD Crew Cab 143.5" Work Truck w/1WT 2WD Crew Cab 153.0" LT w/1LT 2WD Crew Cab 167.7" LT 2WD Crew Cab SWB Auto SL 2WD Double Cab 143.5" LT w/1LT 2WD Double Cab 143.5" SLE 2WD Double Cab 143.5" Work Truck w/1WT 2WD Double Cab 158.1" Work Truck 2WD Double Cab V6 AT PreRunner 2WD Reg Cab 133.6" Work Truck 2WD Reg Cab 133.7" Work Truck 2WD Regular Cab 133.0" 2dr Auto 1.8T 2dr Auto 1.8T PZEV 2dr Auto 1.8T w/Sound/Nav PZEV *Ltd Avail* 2dr Auto 1.8T w/Sun PZEV 2dr Auto 1.8T w/Tech PZEV 2dr Auto 1.8T w/Tech PZEV *Ltd Avail* 2dr Auto 2.5L PZEV *Ltd Avail* 2dr Auto 2.5L w/Sun/Sound/Nav PZEV *Ltd Avail* 2dr Cabriolet Auto quattro 2.0T Premium 2dr Cabriolet Auto quattro 2.0T Premium Plus 2dr Cabriolet FWD 1.8T Premium 2dr Cabriolet FWD 1.8T Premium Plus 2dr Cabriolet Premium Plus 2dr Cabriolet quattro 2.0T Premium 2dr Cabriolet quattro 2.0T Premium Plus 2dr Conv Abarth 2dr Conv Auto Club 2dr Conv Auto quattro Spyder V8 2dr Conv Executive 2dr Conv Komfort 2dr Conv LP560-4 2dr Conv Lounge 2dr Conv Pop 2dr Conv SS w/2SS 2dr Conv Sport 2dr Cpe Auto 2dr Cpe Man 2dr DSG 2.0L TDI 2dr DSG 2.0L TDI w/Premium PZEV 2dr DSG 2.0T PZEV 2dr DSG 2.0T R-Line PZEV 2dr DSG 2.0T R-Line w/Sound PZEV 2dr DSG 2.0T R-Line w/Sound/Nav PZEV 2dr DSG 2.0T R-Line w/Sound/Nav PZEV *Ltd Avail* 2dr DSG 2.0T Turbo R-Line PZEV 2dr DSG 2.0T Turbo R-Line w/Sun/Sound PZEV 2dr HB 1957 Edition 2dr HB 1957 Edition *Ltd Avail* 2dr HB Abarth 2dr HB Auto 2dr HB Lounge 2dr HB Man 2dr HB Man Launch Edition *Ltd Avail* 2dr HB Pop 2dr HB Sport 2dr HB Turbo 2dr Man 1.8T PZEV 2dr Man 2.0T R-Line w/Sound PZEV *Ltd Avail* 2dr Man 2.5L PZEV *Ltd Avail* 3500 V8 SV 3500 Van 139" 3dr CVT EX 3dr CVT EX w/Navi 3dr Cpe Auto RE:FLEX w/Black Int 3dr Cpe Auto Turbo 3dr Cpe Auto Turbo w/Black Int 3dr Cpe Auto w/Black Int 3dr Cpe Man Turbo R-Spec 3dr HB 3dr HB 10 Series 4500 Van 159" 4500 Van 177" 4WD 2dr Rubicon 4WD 2dr Sahara 4WD 2dr Sport 4WD 4dr Altitude 4WD 4dr Auto 4WD 4dr Limited Platinum 4WD 4dr Rubicon 4WD 4dr Sahara 4WD 4dr Sport 4WD 4dr V6 Limited 4WD 4dr V6 SR5 4WD 4dr V6 SR5 Premium 4WD 4dr V6 Trail 4WD 5.7L FFV Limited 4WD 5.7L FFV Platinum 4WD 5.7L FFV SR5 4WD Access Cab V6 AT 4WD Access Cab V6 MT 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Big Horn 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Express 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Laramie 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Sport 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Z71 4WD Crew Cab 143.5" High Country 4WD Crew Cab 143.5" LT w/1LT 4WD Crew Cab 143.5" LTZ w/1LZ 4WD Crew Cab 143.5" SLE 4WD Crew Cab 149" Laramie 4WD Crew Cab 149" SLT 4WD Crew Cab 149" Tradesman 4WD Crew Cab 153.0" Denali 4WD Crew Cab 153.0" LT w/1LT 4WD Crew Cab 153.7" LT 4WD Crew Cab 153.7" LTZ 4WD Crew Cab 153.7" SLE 4WD Crew Cab 169" Laramie 4WD Crew Cab 169" Tradesman 4WD Crew Cab LWB Auto SL 4WD Crew Cab LWB Auto SV 4WD Crew Cab RTL 4WD Crew Cab SE 4WD Crew Cab SWB Auto PRO-4X 4WD Crew Cab SWB Auto S 4WD Crew Cab SWB Auto SL 4WD Crew Cab SWB Auto SV 4WD Crew Cab SWB Manual PRO-4X 4WD Crew Cab SWB Manual SV 4WD Crew Cab SWB S 4WD Crew Cab SWB SV 4WD Double Cab 143.5" LT w/1LT 4WD Double Cab 144.2" LT 4WD Double Cab LB V6 AT 4WD Double Cab V6 AT 4WD Double Cab V6 MT 4WD King Cab Auto SV 4WD Quad Cab 140.5" Express 4WD Quad Cab 140.5" Tradesman 4WD Reg Cab 120.5" Express 4WD Reg Cab 133.6" LT 4dr 4WD 4dr Auto SE w/Sunroof PZEV 4dr DSG TDI 4dr DSG TDI w/Sunroof 4dr DSG TDI w/Sunroof & Nav 4dr HB 4dr HB Auto Sport 4dr HB Auto TSI S 4dr HB Auto TSI S w/Sunroof 4dr HB Auto TSI SE 4dr HB Auto TSI SEL 4dr HB DSG S 4dr HB DSG SE 4dr HB DSG TDI S 4dr HB DSG TDI SEL 4dr HB Man SE 4dr HB quattro 3.0 Premium Plus 4dr HB quattro 3.0 Prestige 4dr HB quattro 3.0 TDI Premium Plus 4dr HB quattro 3.0 TDI Prestige 4dr Sdn Auto L 4dr Sdn CVT LE 4dr Sdn CVT LE ECO 4dr Sdn CVT LE ECO Plus 4dr Sdn CVT LE Plus 4dr Sdn CVT S Plus 4dr Sdn I4 Auto L 4dr Sdn I4 Auto LE 4dr Sdn I4 Auto SE 4dr Sdn I4 Auto XLE 4dr Sdn I4 Auto XSE 4dr Sdn Limited 4dr Sdn V6 Auto SE 4dr Sdn V6 Auto XLE 4dr Sdn XLE 4dr Sdn XLE Limited 4dr Sdn XLE Premium 4dr Sdn XLE Touring 4dr Wgn American Value Pkg 4dr Wgn EX 4dr Wgn H4 Auto 2.5i Limited 4dr Wgn H4 Auto 2.5i Limited PZEV 4dr Wgn H4 Auto 2.5i PZEV 4dr Wgn H4 Auto 2.5i Premium 4dr Wgn H4 Auto 2.5i Premium PZEV 4dr Wgn I4 AWD LE 4dr Wgn LX 4dr Wgn Premium Plus 4dr Wgn R/T 4dr Wgn S 4dr Wgn SX 4dr Wgn SXT 4dr Wgn Touring-L 4dr Wgn V6 AWD LE 4dr Wgn V6 AWD Limited 5dr 7-Pass Van L FWD 5dr 7-Pass Van Ltd Premium AWD 5dr 7-Pass Van Ltd Premium FWD 5dr 7-Pass Van SE Premium FWD 5dr 7-Pass Van V6 Ltd FWD 5dr 7-Pass Van XLE AWD 5dr 7-Pass Van XLE Premium FWD 5dr 8-Pass Van LE FWD 5dr 8-Pass Van SE FWD 5dr 8-Pass Van V6 LE FWD 5dr 8-Pass Van V6 SE FWD 5dr 8-Pass Van V6 XLE FWD 5dr 8-Pass Van XLE FWD 5dr Auto 2.0i 5dr Auto 2.0i Limited 5dr Auto 2.0i Premium 5dr Auto 2.0i Sport Limited 5dr Auto 2.0i Sport Premium 5dr CVT 5dr CVT EX 5dr CVT LX 5dr EX 5dr EX-L 5dr EX-L w/Navi 5dr EX-L w/RES 5dr HB Advanced 5dr HB Auto 5dr HB Auto EX 5dr HB Auto GS 5dr HB Auto LS 5dr HB Auto LT 5dr HB Auto LX 5dr HB Auto SE 5dr HB Auto SX 5dr HB Auto i Grand Touring 5dr HB Auto i Sport 5dr HB Auto i Touring 5dr HB Auto s Grand Touring 5dr HB Auto s Touring 5dr HB Auto w/Blue Int 5dr HB CVT 1.6 S Plus 5dr HB CVT 1.6 SL 5dr HB CVT 1.6 SR 5dr HB CVT 1.6 SV 5dr HB CVT EX 5dr HB CVT EX-L 5dr HB CVT LS 5dr HB CVT LT w/1LT 5dr HB CVT LX 5dr HB Easy 5dr HB Five 5dr HB Four 5dr HB Lounge 5dr HB Man 5dr HB Man EX 5dr HB Man GS 5dr HB Man LX 5dr HB Man i Touring 5dr HB Manual 1.6 S 5dr HB One 5dr HB Persona Series Special Edition 5dr HB Three 5dr HB Trekking 5dr HB Two 5dr LX 5dr Liftback Auto L 5dr Liftback Auto SE 5dr Touring 5dr Touring Elite 5dr Wgn Auto 5dr Wgn Auto ! 5dr Wgn Auto + 5dr Wgn Auto Base 5dr Wgn Auto Release Series 10.0 5dr Wgn CVT SL 5dr Wgn Five 5dr Wgn Man 5dr Wgn Man Base 5dr Wgn Three 5dr Wgn Two AWD 4dr LE AWD 4dr Limited AWD 4dr V6 LE Plus AWD 4dr V6 Limited AWD 4dr V6 Limited Platinum AWD 4dr V6 XLE AWD 4dr XLE Convertible Coupe CrewMax 4.6L V8 6-Spd AT SR5 CrewMax 5.7L FFV V8 6-Spd AT 1794 CrewMax 5.7L FFV V8 6-Spd AT LTD CrewMax 5.7L FFV V8 6-Spd AT Platinum CrewMax 5.7L FFV V8 6-Spd AT SR5 CrewMax 5.7L V8 6-Spd AT LTD CrewMax 5.7L V8 6-Spd AT Platinum CrewMax 5.7L V8 6-Spd AT SR5 Double Cab 5.7L FFV V8 6-Spd AT LTD Double Cab 5.7L FFV V8 6-Spd AT SR5 Double Cab 5.7L V8 6-Spd AT SR5 FRT 4X4 SV V6 CC FWD 4dr LE High Roof 3500 V8 S High Roof 3500 V8 SV I4 SV RAM 1500 SLT CREW CAB 4X4 (140 IN WB 5 FT 7 IN BO RAM 1500 SLT CREW CAB 4X4 (149 IN WB 6 FT 4 IN BO RAM 1500 TRADESMAN / EXPRESS QUAD CAB 4X4 (140 IN RAM 2500 CREW SLT 4X4 (149 IN WB 6 FT 4 IN BOX) RAM 2500 CREW SLT 4X4 (169 IN WB 8 FT 0 IN BOX) RWD 1500 135" Upfitter *Ltd Avail* RWD 2500 135" SUV Sedan Standard Roof 1500 V6 S Standard Roof 2500 V6 SV Station Wagon

00400070/BLIZZARD PEARL01D601F701F901J90209/BLACK SAND PEARL02KC02KD02KY03R307810C2Z/YUZU0K1X/HALO4Evergreen MicaAbsolutely RedAegean Blue MetallicAlabaster Silver MetallicAlien IIAlumina Jade MetallicAmethyst GrayAnvil ClearcoatArctic Blue MetallicArctic WhiteArgus Brown MetallicArmy GreenArmy Rock MetallicAsh Black MicaAshen Gray MetallicAshen Grey MetallicAsphaltAtlantis Blue MetallicAttitude BlackAttitude Black MetallicAurora BlackAurora Black PearlAutumn Bronze MetallicBLACKBLACK METALBLACK PEARLBLACK-SANDBLACKOAKBROWNBLKOAKBROWNBLUE PEARLBLUE-CRUSHBLUE-STREAKBLUESILKBRONEZBRONZEBROWNBROWN-SUGARBaja Yellow ClearcoatBarcelona Red MetallicBarossa MetallicBasque Red Pearl IIBecketts BlackBeigeBellanova White PearlBianco (White)Bianco Perla (Pearl White Tri-Coat)Billet Argento (Silver)Billet Silver Metallic ClearcoatBlackBlack CherryBlack ClearcoatBlack Currant MetallicBlack DiamondBlack Diamond TricoatBlack Forest Green PearlcoatBlack GraniteBlack Granite MetallicBlack Noir PearlBlack Oak Brown MetallicBlack OnyxBlack RavenBlack Sand MicaBlack Sand PearlBlack UniBlade Silver MetallicBlizzard PearlBlueBlue Crush MetallicBlue Ray MetallicBlue Reflex MicaBlue Ribbon MetallicBlue Streak MetallicBlue Streak PearlcoatBlue Topaz MetallicBlue Velvet MetallicBordeaux BlackBoston Red MetallicBright SilverBright Silver Metallic ClearcoatBright White ClearcoatBright YellowBrilliant BlackBrilliant Black Crystal PearlcoatBrilliant Blue MetallicBrilliant SilverBrilliant Silver MetallicBronzeBronze FireBrownBrown Sugar MetallicBrownstone MetallicBurnished Bronze MetallicButte Red MetallicCANDYWHITECARB STL GRAYCHAMPAIGNECHERRYCHERRY_REDCLASSIC-SILVERCabo BronzeCandy WhiteCarbide Gray MetallicCarbon Black MetallicCarbon Steel Gray MetallicCasablanca WhiteCashmere PearlcoatCaspian BlackCayenne RedCeleste Blu (Retro Light Blue)Celestial Silver MetallicChampagne Frost PearlChampagne Silver MetallicClassic Silver MetallicClear Sky MetallicClear WhiteCloudCocoa Silver MetallicCopper Sunset PearlCorsa BlueCosmic Gray MicaCreme Brulee MicaCrimson PearlCrimson RedCrimson Red MetallicCrimson Red TincoatCrimson Red TintcoatCrystal Black PearlCrystal Black SilicaCrystal Blue PearlcoatCrystal Red TintcoatCrystal White MicaCrystal White PearlCrystal White TricoatCuvee Silver MetallicCypress Green MetallicCypress PearlDARK BLUEDARKSIDDARKSIDEDEEP BLUEDEEP RUBYDarkDark Adriatic Blue MetallicDark Blue MetallicDark CherryDark Cherry PearlDark Chocolate MetallicDark Gray MetallicDark Sapphire Blue MetallicDark SideDark SlateDark TruffleDaytona Gray Pearl EffectDaytona Sunrise Orange MetallicDeep Auburn PearlcoatDeep Black PearlDeep Black Pearl/Black RoofDeep Cherry Red Crystal PearlcoatDeep Espresso Brown MetallicDeep Garnet MetallicDeep Ocean Blue MetallicDeep Ruby MetallicDeep Sea Blue PearlDenimDesert BronzeDesert KhakiDiamond Silver MetallicDiamond White PearlDyno Blue PearlEbony BlackEclipse BlackEco Green PearlcoatElectric QuartzEmpire State GrayEspressoFathom BlueFathom Blue PearlFathom Blue PearlcoatFirecracker Red Clear CoatFirestormFlame Red ClearcoatFlash RedFlorett Silver Metallic/Black RoofFortana RedFresh PowderFuji WhiteGRANITEGRAYGalaxy Blue PearlGarnet Red MicaGarnet Red Pearl EffectGeranium RedGiallo (Yellow)Giallo Moderna Perla (Pearl Yellow TC)Glacier WhiteGlacier White MetallicGloss BlackGranite Crystal Metallic ClearcoatGranito Lucente (Granite Crystal)Grape IceGraphite BlueGraphite Blue MetallicGraphite MetallicGraphite SteelGrayGreenGreen Opal MetallicGrigio Scuro (Gray Metallic)Guard MetallicGun MetallicHabaneroHeader Orange ClearcoatHematite MetallicHorizon Blue MetallicHot LavaHydro Blue Pearl CoatICELANDGRAYIbis WhiteIce Silver MetallicIndium Gray MetallicIndus SilverIndus Silver MetallicInferno RedIngot MetallicIngot SilverIridescent Pearl TricoatIridium MetallicIronman Silver MetallicIsland Gray PearlIvory Tri-Coat PearlJasmine Green MetallicJava MetallicJazz Blue PearlcoatJet Black MicaJuniper GreenKONAKarat GoldKona Coffee MetallicLapis Blue PearlLaser Blu (Bright Met. Blue)Latte BrownLava Gray Pearl EffectLava RedLemonadeLightning RedLimeLiquid SilverLiquid Silver MetallicLuce Blu (Light Blue)Luxe MetallicMETALMETALLIC_BRONZEMNROCKSILVERMOONRCKSILVERMagnetic Black MetallicMagnetic GrayMagnetic Gray MetallicMajestic Plum MetallicMango Tango PearlcoatMariana Black MetallicMarlin BlueMaximum Steel Metallic ClearcoatMediterranean Blue PearlMetal BronzeMetallic BlueMetallic PeacockMeteor Gray MicaMidnight Amethyst MetallicMidnight SapphireMilano RedMineral GrayMineral SilverMisano Red Pearl EffectMocha Bronze MetallicMocha Steel MetallicModern SteelModern Steel MetallicMonaco WhiteMonsoon Gray MetallicMoon BlueMoonglowMoonlight Blue MetallicMoonlight WhiteMoonrock Silver MetallicMorningsky Blue MetallicMountain Air MetallicMysticMythosNH-603PX/WHITE DIANH-700M/ALABASTERNH-731P/CRYSTAL BLNIGHTBLUENautical Blue MetallicNero Puro (Straight Black)Night ArmorNight BlackNight Blue MetallicNorth Shore Blue PearlOOH-LA-LA-ROUGEOPERAREDOYNXWHITEObsidian BlueObsidian Blue PearlOnyx BlackOoh La La Rouge MicaOpulent Blue MetallicOrangeOrange Fire PearlOrkney Gray MetallicOryx White PearlOtherPEPPERGRAYPEWTERPHANTOM BLACKPLAT GRAYPUREWHITEParisian Night PearlPassion Berry PearlPassion Red Pearl CoatPeaPearl WhitePearl White Tri-CoatPepper Gray MetallicPhantom BlackPhantom Black MetallicPhantom Black PearlPhantom Black Pearl EffectPhantom Gray MetallicPitch BlackPitch Black ClearcoatPlatinum DunePlatinum GraphitePlatinum GrayPlatinum Gray MetallicPlatinum Gray Metallic/Black RoofPlatinum Ice TricoatPolished Metal MetallicPrairie PearlcoatPredawn Gray MicaPremium White PearlPure WhitePure White/Beige RoofPure White/Black RoofPyrite MicaQuartzQuartz Blue PearlQuartz White PearlQuicksandQuicksilver MetallicR-529P/DARK CHERRYR-543P/CRIMSONR-548PX/BASQUE REDRED BRICKREDCREEFBLUEREFLEXSIVERRadiantRadiant RedRadiant Silver MetallicRainforest Green MetallicRallye RedRame (Copper)RavenRedRed BrickRed Brick MetallicRed HotRed Obsession TintcoatRed Rock MetallicRedline 2 Coat PearlReflex Silver MetallicReflex Silver Metallic/Black RoofRemington Red MetallicRosso (Red)Ruby Flare PearlRuby RedRuby Red MetallicSANDY-BEACHSATIN METALSEA-GLASSSILVERSILVER-SKYSILVERLEAFSKY-BLUESLATESOULSPICE REDSTEELSable MetallicSage GreenSaharan StoneSalsaSalsa RedSalsa Red PearlSan Marino RedSandy Beach MetallicSantiago SilverSantorini Black MetallicSapphire BlackSapphire Blue MetallicSatin MetalSatin Steel Gray MetallicSatin White PearlScuba Blue Metallic/Black RoofSea Glass PearlSea Grass MetallicShadow BlackShale Gray MetallicShimmering Air SilverShoreline Blue PearlSignal RedSilk Blue MetallicSilverSilver Coast MetallicSilver Ice MetallicSilver Ignit10nSilver SandSilver Sky MetallicSilver Topaz MetallicSiren Red TintcoatSizzling Crimson MicaSky Blue PearlSlate MetallicSmoke QuartzSmoked QuartzSmokey BlueSmokey Blue MetallicSmoky Gray MetallicSmoky Topaz MetallicSnow White PearlSnowflake White Pearl MicaSolar YellowSolid WhiteSonoma Red MetallicSoul RedSoul Red MetallicSparkling SilverStarlight SilverSteelSterling GraySterling Silver MetallicStill Night PearlStone Blue MetallicStorm BlueSummer Rain MetallicSummit WhiteSun FusionSunsetSuper BlackSuper Silver 3-Coat MetallicSuper WhiteSuzuka Gray Metallic/Red RoofSymphony SilverTORNADOREDTORNANDOREDTUNGSTENSILVERTaffeta WhiteTahitian PearlTangerine Orange PearlTempest Blue MetallicTerra Mocha MetallicTiger Eye PearlTitaniumTitanium GrayTitanium Gray MetallicTitanium SilverTitianium BeigeToffee Brown MetallicTorch RedTornado GreyTornado RedTornado Red/Beige RoofTorredTorred ClearcoatTriathlon Gray MetallicTrue Blue PearlcoatTsukuba RedTungsten MetallicTungsten Silver MetallicTuxedo BlackTuxedo Black MetallicTwilight BlackTwilight BlueTwilight Blue MetallicUltra Black PearlUltramarineUrano GrayUrbanUrban SunsetUrban Titanium MetallicUtopiaVelocity Yellow TintcoatVelvet Red PearlcoatVenetian RedVenetian Red PearlVenetian RubyVerde Azzurro (Blue-Green)Verde Bosco Perla (Forest Green)Verde Chiaro (Light Green)Verde Oliva (Olive Green)Victory RedVitamin C PearlVivid Blue PearlcoatWHITEWHITE PEARLWINTER-GRAYWR Blue PearlWhiteWhite Diamond PearlWhite Diamond TricoatWhite OrchidWhite Orchid PearlWhite PearlWhite PlatinumWild Cherry MetallicWilderness Green MetallicWindy Sea BlueWinter Gray MetallicWinter White SolidYR-578M/URBAN TITAYR-600M/KONA COFFEYellow Rush/Black Rooftitanium flash mica

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Displaying Results 1 - 11 of 5430
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Price plus tax, license, document preparation charge, and finance charges and smog fees (used vehicles only), where applicable. While every effort has been made to ensure display of accurate data and pricing, this listing may not reflect all accurate vehicle data or pricing and is subject to human error. All Inventory listed is subject to prior sale. The photo shown, if any, may be an example only. Please consult dealership personnel for further details.